Saturday, November 2, 2019

Challenges in the Global Business Environment Essay - 5

Challenges in the Global Business Environment - Essay Example st, antibribery, international trade and antiboycott laws, government affairs and political involvement, operational excellence, competition laws, data privacy, information protection and intellectual property. The role and responsibility of Chevron include following the code of ethics. Chevron expects its employees and the whole Chevron community to be aware of their level of authority. This understanding helps everyone act within the limits. This approach helps to avoid conflicts over authority and hence improves the efficiency. In the event that any Chevron worker is not sure on what to do, it is at his or her mandate to seek guidance from the supervisors, managers or any other department within Chevron that has been mandated to provide guidance. Seeking guidance helps maintain Chevron high standards through making sure that employees are aware on their roles. Every employee of Chevron has a mandate to comply with Chevron codes of conduct (Chevron Corporation, 2014). Failure to do so leads to disciplinary actions. Discipline improves the image of Chevron as compliance with the law improves productivity and efficiency of workers. Within this code is the responsibility of every employee t o report a possible violation. The reporting of a possible violation that could lead to damage of Chevron reputation helps avert this predicament and build on loopholes that may lead to a similar wake. Chevron undertakes the Non-retaliation policy. Chevron does not retaliate on information provided by any employee in good faith (Chevron Corporation, 2014). Similarly, Chevron adopts a code of ethics regarding employees in specific. Chevron has invested in many parts of the world. It employs employees from all lifestyles. As such, Chevron respects diversity and it values the diverse cultures presented by its employees. It also provides equal opportunities to all. As such, Chevron avoids any form of discrimination in its providence of work opportunities and working conditions.

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